ICAC: Roozendaal ordered Mayfield container terminal changes

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Eric Roozendaal leaves ICAC on Monday. Pic: Daniel Munoz, Fairfax Media via Getty ImagesLABOR treasurer Eric Roozendaal secretly ordered that plans for a Mayfield container terminal be altered to provide for a coal conveyor across the site, after he was lobbied by Buildev and party powerbroker Joe Tripodi to support the company’s coalloader.

The instruction was issued in early 2011 to the Newcastle Port Corporation despite its objections and clear advice from Treasury and the Hunter Development Corporation of major problems with the coal-loader idea.

The warnings included those from anti-corruption experts that it would be ‘‘grossly unfair’’ to deal with the Newcastle development company exclusively over use of the former steelworks site for coal and a letter from Hunter Development Corporation chairman Paul Broad that the government should ‘‘carefully consider whether the situation justifies direct dealing in preference to a public competitive process’’.

Mr Roozendaal, also ports minister, then wrote a draft letter to the port corporation board in February 2011 to approve the state-owned corporation proceeding with direct negotiations for a container terminal.

But it was on the basis a coal-conveyor easement be included to allow for a future coal-loader as well.

‘‘To whose benefit would that have been?’’ counselassisting the Independent Commission Against Corruption inquiry Geoffrey Watson, SC, asked yesterday.

‘‘The people of NSW,’’ Mr Roozendaal replied.‘‘ . . . Apart from them, would it have been of benefit to a particular company?’’ Mr Watson pressed.

‘‘It was potentially a benefit to Buildev, yes,’’ Mr Roozendaal admitted.

The port corporation board minutes record: ‘‘It was understood that the minister was to make an announcement to this effect but would not refer to the easement.’’

Mr Roozendaal denied the change was a potential ‘‘windfall’’ for Buildev he sought to keep secret.

But the move also followed Mr Roozendaal’s instructions issued in November 2010 that the port corporation board be blocked from endorsing then the start of negotiations with the consortium that wanted to build the container terminal, until aTreasury review of the project and Buildev’s coalloader proposal was done.

Labor MP Joe Tripodi had met with Buildev, part owned by Nathan Tinkler, only a few days before that order was given and had assured its directors he would speak to Mr Roozendaal about their coalloader plan.

Mr Roozendaal admitted it was likely he had discussed the issue with Mr Tripodi as ‘‘Joe was advocating for the Buildev proposal’’ and he ‘‘didn’t think it was a problem’’ for Mr Tripodi to discuss with Buildev the information passing through his office.

However, he denied leaking to Mr Tripodi or anyone else a Treasury briefing about the Mayfield site.

Mr Roozendaal denied knowing that Mr Tinkler had offered to secretly fund Newcastle MP and minister for the Hunter Jodi McKay’s campaign, as Ms McKay has told the ICAC.

The inquiry continues.FORMER police minister Mike Gallacher ‘‘constantly’’ referred to Barry O’Farrell as the ‘‘big man’’ and the ‘‘big kahuna’’, suggesting texts about ‘‘$120k’’ coming from an unnamed big man could be references to the former premier, an inquiry has been told.

Former resources and energy minister and Terrigal MP Chris Hartcher told the Independent Commission Against Corruption yesterday he had never discussed $120,000 as promised campaign funding with Newcastle candidate Tim Owen.

The inquiry has been shown a text message from Mr Owen’s campaign manager, Hugh Thomson, to Mr Gallacher, the founder of the Hunter Liberals, asking ‘‘how’s our big man going with the $120k’’.

Mr Thomson has given evidence he believed the big man was Nathan Tinkler.

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Health insurance sale

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ONE must question the wisdom of the federal government in its proposed sale of its health insurance provider Medibank Private (The Examiner, August 30), for it has proved to be an annual profit cash for the government since its inception, providing competitive rates against other major health insurance provides.

Yet Finance Minister Mathias Cormann states it will remove the current conflict where the government is both regulator of private health insurance as well as a large market participant.

This may be so, but with Medibank going down the same path as former government-owned profitable commodities such as Telstra and the Commonwealth Bank (with its imminent listing on the Australia Securities Exchange by the end of the year) it may eventually be a case of the government having nothing more to sell.

Owning profit-making businesses is money in the bank, here endeth the lesson.

— ROBERT LEE, Summerhill.

This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

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Salvos keeps cool with Kleenheat

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DONATION: Whyalla Salvation Army will continue to assist those in need with the help of a $5000 donation from Kleenheat Gas. Salvation Army South Australia social programs secretary Rhonda Elkington, Lieutenants Gail and Peter Sweeney with Kleenheat Gas representatives Martin Caldwell and Martin Day.Whyalla Salvation Army will be better equipped to assist those in need this summer following a donation from Kleenheat Gas.

The Salvation Army received a $5000 donation from Kleenheat Gas through its Regional Care Services Program on Wednesday, August 27.

The donation handover was made by Kleenheat Gas representatives Martin Caldwell and Martin Day and accepted by Salvation Army Lieutenants Peter and Gail Sweeney.

Mr Caldwell said the donation would help Salvation Army continue its important service.

“Kleenheat Gas is proud to provide this donation of $5000 to the Salvos in Whyalla,” he said.

“This will allow them to continue assisting regional communities in need, which is very important work for the local community.”

The money will go towards the Salvation Army’s Community Support Services program and will see seven split system air-conditioning units be installed.

The Community Support Services program provides a safe environment for marginalised families and individuals and currently supports 80 people in the Whyalla community.

Lieutenant Peter Sweeney said with the summer months fast approaching, the donation would enable Salvation Army to provide cool and comfortable facilities.

“These air conditioners will make an incredible difference over the summer months and we are so pleased that we are able to provide a comfortable place for those who are in need,” he said.

Lieutenant Gail Sweeney extended thanks to Kleenheat Gas for its support.

Mr Caldwell said the donation was part of the ongoing Regional Care Services program partnership between Kleenheat Gas and Salvation Army.

“Over the years Kleenheat and the Salvos have worked together,” he said.

The Regional Care Services program was established in 2009 to support a different regional community in Australia each month by providing operational funding and donations.

Mr Caldwell said Kleenheat Gas had donated $200,000 so far through the program.

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New president horsing around

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A FAMILIAR face will organise the next Scone and Upper Hunter Horse Festival.
Nanjing Night Net

Lee Watts has been appointed president of the committee and will be joined by fellow members vice-president Kara Mitchell, treasurer Jayne Wintle and secretary Amanda Albury.

“Scone is the horse capital of Australia and this festival is a great way to showcase everything equine,” Mrs Watts said.

“I would like to encourage organisations to nominate a representative to join the committee to ensure that each event is showcased to its full potential in May,

“The festival is in its 35th year and has evolved from a simple street parade into a 17-day program of events for everyone.

“The aim is to provide many opportunities for our local community and valued visitors to celebrate the horse.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the committee and outgoing president Anne Davies for her enthusiasm and drive.”

Mrs Watts said the Scone and Upper Hunter Horse Festival committee, which is made up of volunteers, creates a festival for the community and the visitors alike.

“The economy generated from visitation during this time is invaluable for the town’s businesses whether it be tourism operators, not for profit organisations or shop fronts.

“The committee also invites sponsorship both large and small so please feel free to contact me direct if you would like to promote your business through sponsorship of this very worthy festival.

“Bumper stickers would be another means of sponsorship that may be of interest.

“The committee will be purchasing new banners that will brighten the main street leading up to the event.

“To keep up to date with information please look on the Scone and Upper Hunter Horse Festival Facebook page.”

If you would like to join the committee and be a part of creating another fantastic festival in May 2015, attend the next meeting on Wednesday, September 10, at the Upper Hunter Shire Council, 130 Liverpool Street, Scone.

NEWLY-APPOINTED: Scone and Upper Hunter Horse Festival president Lee Watts.

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Tributes flow for hang-gliding fire fighter Adam Parer

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Tributes flow for hang-gliding fire fighter Adam Parer Adam Parer on his return to work at Hamilton Fire Station after a bad accident in 2009 when he fell 6,500 ft in a hang gliding accident near Gulgong and had to be airlifted in the Westpac Helicopter .
Nanjing Night Net

Hang-gliding mates James Pallas and Adam Parer. Source: James Pallas.

The wreckage of Adam Parer’s after the accident at Gulgong.

Adam in flight. Source: James Pallas.

Picture: James Pallas.

Newcastle Fire & Rescue superintendent Brett Davies speaking to media on Monday at the Hamilton fire station where Parer was a fireman. Pic by MAX MASON-HUBERS

Adam Parer’s helmet at Hamilton fire station on Monday.

Above, Adam, as fast-rising boardrider, is top left in this Merewether Surfboard Club photo from 1981. Others from left in his row are David Vorlicek, Peter Maddison and ‘‘Toothpaste.’’ Second row: Nick Todhunter, Duncan Wallis, Rob Cameron, Luke Egan. Third row: Peter Flood, Darren Toomey, Peter Flook. Front row: Nicky Wood, Matt Hoy.

Adam Parer showing off his revolutionary backside tube ride. Source: Mark O’Neill.

TweetFacebookLosing a gifted and humble brother Hang-glider Adam Parer, 46, was a firefighter at Hamilton Station, where his helmet was poignantly on display yesterday.


FIVE years ago when Adam Parer cheated death, he reserved his final thoughts for his late wife.

The accident occurred at a hang-gliding competition over the Central Tablelands in 2009. It was something the popular firefighter explored in his blog, outlining the terror of losing control followed by a distinct feeling of calm washing over him.

“I hoped that if this was going to happen to me, then I would be with her soon,” he wrote. “Then I felt content for the first time in four months.

“My soul mate, taken away so early in our life together with whom I had shared so much in seven years of marriage … pain was no longer on my mind and I felt calm.

‘‘After a few moments an awareness came over me, I was not dying, I would survive, and this was not my time.’’

Mr Parer, 46, died on Sunday when his hang-glider crashed into the front of a home at Bar Beach. His distraught brother, Damien, said the accident in 2009 had been a turning point after his wife, Laurence Deckel-Parer, died of Crohn’s disease.

Mr Parer suffered 10 broken ribs, a collapsed lung and broke his sternum in three places. However, he was determined to recover and make the most of life.

“As soon as he was out of hospital, he was into getting himself rehabilitated, getting back to work, getting into the water, going swimming and doing a bit of surfing again,” brother Damien said.

Adam and Laurence shared a special bond and his brother was “devastated” when she died of the chronic illness.

“Like we are now,” he said. “Their relationship was something else, it was fantastic.

‘‘They met through hang-gliding. She knew someone that had something to do with hang-gliding and they ended up getting together and getting married.

“She was his world and it was a very strong relationship.”

Damien said he and his mother, Antonia, were still in a state of shock over what had occurred.

“You don’t believe it, I still expect him to turn up now,” he said.

“You can’t take away the pain and the loss, it’s just something you have to put up with.”

Describing Mr Parer as “a genuinely good person”, Damien said his brother was gifted at everything he put his mind to, yet extremely humble.

“He was very good at everything he did, it didn’t matter,” he said. “But he never used to go around singing his own praises.”

Damien said his brother would always help others, playing a big part in why he became a firefighter at Hamilton Station for 14 years.

“I think he enjoyed helping people and he enjoyed just being part of that service to the community,” he said.

Mr Parer was the last person he thought would have an accident while hang-gliding because he was so responsible.

“He’s always loved flying,” he said. “He would fly at every opportunity provided the conditions were right and it suited it.

“If it looked dodgy or if it didn’t look like it was going to be right, he wouldn’t go.

“He always checked his gear thoroughly, he always checked other people’s gear and gave them advice and looked after them and made sure they were doing things correctly.

“He’d been doing it for over 20 years.”

Newcastle Hang Gliding Club stalwart Simon Plint said the community had lost a great pilot.

‘‘I’m sure that the seagulls would look on, as did I, and say: ‘I wish I could do that’,’’ Mr Plint wrote on Facebook.

Mr Parer taught James Pallas, 24, everything he knows about hang-gliding.

And when he died on Sunday, Mr Pallas, 24, said he lost a close mate, mentor and a ‘‘big brother’’.

Mr Pallas said he had idolised him before the pair even met.

As an aspiring young hang-glider, Mr Pallas regarded Mr Parer as a god in the sky, a man ‘‘born half bird’’.

That was about two years after Mr Parer’s crash in 2009 and the man himself had not yet returned to the sky.

Mr Pallas said he was standing on a launch site at Merewether when Mr Parer approached.

‘‘I introduced myself a bit and asked him if he would like to have a fly of my glider.,’’ Mr Pallas said.

‘‘I thought he was going to say no, but he jumped off and launched perfectly straight up, and from then on we flew endless hours together and formed a close friendship.

‘‘We would go hang-gliding until dark, then we would go for dinner and talk about the day, then do it again the next day, we had lots of good times.’’

‘‘He was a god in the air, so fluent, he taught me everything I know about hang-gliding, he helped me through relationships and break-ups, he was humble and peaceful, a big brother to me.

‘‘I wanted to be like Adam, he was an absolute perfectionist, no one else in the world compares to how smooth he was in the air and how knowledgeable he was.’’

Mr Pallas said Mr Parer’s passion for hang-gliding was rivalled only by his love for his family and his two labradors, Oscar and Puzzle.

Mr Pallas said he had ‘‘thought endlessly’’ about his next time on a glider since Adam’s death.

‘‘I’m definitely going to fly, absolutely, I think Adam spent so much time teaching me what I know, that to not fly would be throwing something special away,’’ he said. ‘‘It would be more respectful to Adam to do it the way he taught me, I think that’s what he would have wanted me to do.’’

Adam’s crew at Hamilton Fire Station were still grieving yesterday, but firefighter and Merewether local Matt Jackson said the service had lost one of the good guys.

‘‘He was a lovely guy, a really nice-natured guy, he would do anything for anyone, softly spoken, a real genuine fella,’’ Mr Jackson said.

‘‘He had a rough trot, his accident at Gulgong in 2009 would have killed a lesser man, but he was so fit.

‘‘I know his death has really shocked his crew at Hamilton Station, in the fire brigade your work mates are like your brothers, they are like your family, you live together four days a week.

‘‘His shift at Hamilton are really close, they socialise outside of the job as well and [it’s] really sad for those guys to have lost a brother.’’

Adam Parer showing off his revolutionary backside tube ride. Source: Mark O’Neill.

At home on the waves and in the skyBy SAM RIGNEY

BEFORE he ruled the skies over Newcastle, Adam Parer was a smooth and naturally gifted junior surfer who revolutionised tube riding with his back to the wave at Merewether Beach.

A firefighter and experienced hang-glider pilot, Mr Parer died when his hang-glider crashed at Bar Beach on Sunday afternoon.

He grew up during the early 1980s, regarded as the start of the golden era of surfing for Merewether, and regularly caught waves and competed against a quiver of future professionals.

And, legend has it, Mr Parer, with his uncanny style and flawless tube riding, more than held his own.

‘‘Adam was one of the most gifted surfers of his time in a generation that boasted Nick Wood, Luke Egan and Matt Hoy,’’ Merewether Surfboard Club life member Tim Ryan said yesterday.

‘‘On his day, back in that era, he was often the best surfer in the water, he was an uncanny tube rider forehand and pioneered backside tube riding (see picture on the front page).

‘‘No one from Merewether who grew up anywhere near that generation wouldn’t remember him being one of the best surfers on the beach, there were not too many more naturally gifted.

‘‘He was a great guy, always humble and liked and respected by all that knew him. I am sure similar will be said of him by his ballet, martial arts and hang-gliding communities and all will be similarly surprised at how good he was at each of his other disciplines.’’

Mr Ryan said a well-known story about Mr Parer’s freakish balance was that he could walk along a 25-metre paling fence.

Surfboard shaping guru Sam Egan said Mr Parer could have turned pro but chose a different route: ‘‘Everything he did, he did pretty well.’’

Another Merewether stalwart Dave Anderson remembered Mr Parer for his competitive surfing and friendly face: ‘‘He grew up in the golden time in Merewether surfing when it was dog eat dog and he would be the one eating the most.’’

The scene of the accident at Bar Beach on Sunday in which Adam Parer lost his life.

Investigators begin search for answers over accidentBy LILY RAY

[The scene of the accident at Bar Beach on Sunday in which Adam Parer lost his life.]

THE Hang Gliding Federation of Australia will lead the investigation into the death of Adam Parer.

Operations manager Brett Coupland said locally-based investigators would work with police to examine evidence and statements relating to Sunday’s crash.

‘‘At this stage we can’t say how long the investigation will take; the investigators need to work through a lot of material,’’ he said. The federation, which is based in Victoria, will also provide a report to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

A spokesman said the authority did not investigate accidents. That was the role of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau.

‘‘In the case of sports aviation accidents, it is also the responsibility of the peak body administering the sport,’’ he said.

Newcastle Hang Gliding Club safety officer Tony Barton said extensive training was demanded of would-be hang-gliders before they were permitted to fly.

A seven- to 10-day course must be undertaken at an accredited school such as Newcastle Hang Gliding Club and students don’t progress until they have mastered every step.

All instructors and schools followed the Hang Gliding Federation of Australia’s teaching syllabus which is consistent with global programs.

‘‘We’re very regulated and this is the first major hang-gliding accident in Newcastle for 20 years,’’ he said.

‘‘But this wasn’t a student accident. This was one of the rare incidents where one of the most skilled pilots around was doing a very advanced, dangerous manoeuvre.

‘‘He was one of Australia’s best,’’ Mr Barton said.

The Hang Gliding Federation of Australia Incorporated is a sporting body that administers hang-gliding, paragliding and weight-shift microlights under Civil Air Safety Authority regulations.

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Rare piece of pottery on show

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Kerrie Ford of the National Museum of Australian Pottery holding a rare cheese cover and plate.The National Museum of Australian Pottery (NMAP) in Holbrook recently added this rare, c. 1882, 22cm high, Bristol glazed, Bendigo Pottery cheese cover and plate to its collection.
Nanjing Night Net

It was purchased at auction by the Friends of the NMAP Inc.

“The design or pattern is not rare, there are a number of Majolica glazed examples known; the rarity lies in the fact that it is impressed under the plate: ‘TBPC’ (The Bendigo Pottery Company) which was only used between 1882 and 1885,” Geoff Ford, co-owner/director of the museum said.

“ To my knowledge, this is the only Bendigo Pottery cheese cover and plate known with this mark.

“There are however, a small number of other Majolica glazed Bendigo Pottery pieces known with this mark.”

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Monaro Nationals to hit Barossa Valley

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John Newton with his Monaro. Theninth Monaro Nationals are being held from October 17-20 in Tanunda celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Holden HJ Monaro.
Nanjing Night Net

Every 10 years the Monaro Nationals are held in South Australia and any Monaro – HQ model SS sedan, LE or HSV Coupe in any condition has been invited to join the celebrations.

The program starts with a meet/greet and registrations on Friday, October 17, then Saturday, October 18 sees the huge Rare Spares Monaro Show ‘n’ Shine feature at the Tanunda Oval (with a $5 entry and under 12s free) and where over 250 Monaros will be on show.

A broad range of Monaros will be on show from original cars to show cars that are highly modified.

Organiser, John Newton said, “Everyone that is interested in motor cars should come along to this once in a lifetime opportunity to view these great Aussie iconic cars – it will be spectacular, great family day out with stalls and activities from 10am until 4pm.

“Almost 60 per cent of the Monaros will be from interstate, while the rest will come from around the State,” he said. After this particular event, some of the Monaros will be heading to Kapunda to join in the Scase Automotive Show ‘n’ Shine event during the evening.

On Sunday, October 19 a hill climb event will be held at Collingrove followed by Rare Spares Trophy Presentation dinner while on Monday, October 20 the Barossa Valley rally and presentation for Grand Champion will be convened.

With the help of sponsors such as Rare Spares, Shannons Insurance, Winner Products Premium Interiors and Echuca Service Centre, the event promises to impress.

Other sponsors that have contributed include Livewire Solar and Electrical, Pacemaker Headers, Kies Winery, ULX110 Proven Custom Blend Oils, HKTG Parts Recovery, CA Schulz & Son, U Pull It Auto Recyclers, Redwood Classic Cars, The Dent-itian, Redwood on Target Fabrications and Concours & Custom Restoration.

For further information about the 2014 Monaro Nationals in the Barossa Valley, go to the offical website monaronationals.net,[email protected]南京夜网 or mobile 0428 103 837.

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Gawler Water Reuse Project proposal carried

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In2012, Light Regional Council (LRC) obtained a $10.7 million federal grant from the Commonwealth Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities for the Gawler Water Reuse Project and is about to undertake an agreement with Seppeltsfield Wines Pty Ltd.
Nanjing Night Net

The grant was provided from the National Urban Water and Desalination Plan which supports investments in desalination, recycling and stormwater harvesting to improve water supply security.

Seppeltsfield Wines was identified as both a potential customer for the water harvested through the project and also as an operator of the infrastructure constructed as part of the project.

The company will be involved with the design and construction of the project through a loan agreement and will borrow funds from LRC to construct and maintain the infrastructure.

The entrepreneurial proposal is for LRC to borrow at least 50 per cent of the project funds from the Local Government Finance Authority (LGFA); about $11 million; and combine this with the Commonwealth grant to on-lend it to Seppeltsfield Wines.

As part of the agreement Seppeltsfield will continue to take up to two gigalitres of water from the scheme, initially 1.2 gigalitres, paying $1.8 million for a period of six years under a sub-licence agreement, and may continue (with indexed payment figures), or pay out the loan and take ownership of the scheme, or hand the scheme back to LRC and continue to purchase water for a period of 15 years.

The recommendations for the project were carried at the last LRC meeting held on Tuesday, August 26.

Brian Carr, LRC chief executive officer said, “This is a defining moment for the region; as this scheme lays the foundation for an extensive water re-use program to stimulate and water proof a premium food and wine industry in the Barossa and north of the Gawler River. The leadership from the mayor and elected members in backing this scheme will deliver a lasting legacy for future generations.

“These are the types of projects collective government, in partnership with the private sector, need to initiate and nurture to rejuvenate our State’s economy,” he said.

The project infrastructure aims to be operational by October 2015 and fully constructed by May 31, 2016.

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Team full of talent

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A GROUP of talented youngsters have been handed a unique opportunity to follow in the footsteps of illustrious Singleton sports stars such as Kevin Howarth, John Halter, Steve Merrick, David Vaughan and, more recently, Jake Hunter.

The 18 athletes, aged 12 to 15, were unveiled at the Singleton Youth Venue last week to represent Team Singleton at the 2014 International Children’s Games at Lake Macquarie between December 6 and 11.

It is the first time the event has been hosted in the Southern Hemisphere with 13 Australian cities, including Singleton, facing rivals from 30 countries.

Team Singleton head coach John Watson and Sue Sylvester will lead the athletics squad while Melisa Geale is overseeing the swimmers.

Singleton mayor John Martin admitted it was a great honour to be part of the 2014 International Children’s Games.

“Council is proud to support our local young athletes who will be representing our community,” he said.

“I congratulate them on earning their place on Team Singleton.

“We boast excellent facilities in town, which attract people from other areas.

“Singleton also has a strong affinity with sportspeople.

“Swimmer Kevin Howarth competed at the 1948 Olympic Games, John Halter and Steve Merrick made their marks in rugby union, David Vaughan excelled in weightlifting and, just last week, equestrian rider Jake Hunter

collected a bronze medal at the Youth Olympic Games.

“Who knows what could happen for these athletes?

“I know they’ll compete in our proud tradition of fair play and sportsmanship.

“Bring back as many medals as possible.”

Cr Martin encourages the community to show its support for Team Singleton over the coming months as they train for this exciting event.

To view full profiles of the athletes or to post a message of support, like the Team Singleton Facebook page at facebook南京夜网/SingletonTeam or visit www.singleton.nsw.gov.au/teamsingleton

TEAM SINGLETON: Back from left, Flynn Lefmann, Kristina O’Brien, coach Sue Sylvester, Adelaide Sylvester, coach Melisa Geale, Tess Orton, Singleton mayor John Martin, Isaac Barry, head coach John Watson, Tim Ryan, Tristan Muir, James Bradley, Nick Watson and, front from left, head of delegation Reina Stalker, Elliott Earnshaw, Harrison Geale, Sean Beverley, Noel Woods, Chantelle Smuts, Shanae Howard, Paige McHattie, Maddison Berry and Singleton Council general manager Lindy Hyam. Absent: Saffron Sylvester


Elliott Earnshaw – 400m freestyle, 50m breaststroke, 100m breaststroke, 200m individual medley, 4 x 100m freestyle relay, 4 x 100m medley relay

Harrison Geale – 50m freestyle, 100m freestyle, 200m freestyle, 50m breaststroke, 4 x 100m freestyle relay, 4 x 100m medley relay

Noel Woods – 50m freestyle, 50m backstroke, 100m backstroke, 200m individual medley, 4 x 100m freestyle relay, 4 x 100m medley relay

Sean Beverley – 100m freestyle, 100m backstroke, 200m backstroke, 100m breaststroke, 4 x 100m freestyle relay, 4 x 100m medley relay

Chantelle Smuts – 50m freestyle, 100m freestyle, 200m freestyle, 100m backstroke, 4 x 100m freestyle relay, 4 x 100m medley relay

Maddison Berry – 100m freestyle, 100m breaststroke, 200m breaststroke, 200m individual medley, 4 x 100m freestyle relay, 4 x 100m medley relay

Paige McHattie – 50m butterfly, 100m butterfly, 50m breaststroke, 100m breaststroke, 4 x 100m freestyle relay, 4 x 100m medley relay

Shanae Howard – 50m freestyle, 50m butterfly, 50m backstroke, 50m breaststroke, 4 x 100m freestyle relay, 4 x 100m medley relay


Flynn Lefmann – 100m, long jump

Isaac Barry – 100m, boys relay

James Bradley – 1500m, boys relay

Nick Watson – long jump, boys relay

Tristan Muir – 1500m, boys relay

Tim Ryan – shot put

Adelaide Sylvester – 800m, girls relay

Kristina O’Brien – 800m, girls relay

Tess Orton – 100m, long jump, girls relay

Saffron Sylvester – 100m, long jump, girls relay

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We visit Pine End Organics for our first Macarthur Foodies feature

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‘‘Really satisfying’’: Margarita Carrick with some of Pine End Organics’ cheeses, which they make at their Belimbla Park farm. Picture: Jonathan NgFor food lovers, Pine End Organics is the organic pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Kerrie Armstrong dropped in to have a look.

NESTLED in a copse of trees in Belimbla Park is a foodie magnet for Sydneysiders and locals alike.

Pine End Organics produces organic fruit and vegetables, eggs and honey and its bed and breakfast attracts city dwellers with the promise of a weekend away in the country, just 80kilometres from the big smoke.

But owner Margarita Carrick offers an unusual point of difference for her visitors — the opportunity to learn how to make cheese.

‘‘Making your own cheese is really satisfying, like anything you do for yourself,’’ Mrs Carrick said.

‘‘You know what’s in it, just like when you are cooking from scratch.’’

Mrs Carrick has been making cheese for about 10 years and teaching others for about eight years.

She offers two levels of dairy workshops: the introductory workshop, which covers how to make fetta, ricotta and butter, and the advanced workshops, which cover camembert, quarg and yoghurt.

The process for all the cheeses begins with raw milk, which Mrs Carrick said could be difficult to get, but could, at a pinch, be substituted for organic homogenised milk.

‘‘I have a few different sources for raw milk.

‘‘It has entered our thoughts to get a cow ourselves, but there are lots of local people who have cows and the amount of milk is too much for one family.’’

Once the milk has been sourced, Mrs Carrick pasteurises it and adds a starter culture, to replace good bacteria that is lost in the pasteurisation process, which converts the lactose in the milk to lactic acid.

Rennet is then added to set the mixture into curds which are then cut into small cubes.

‘‘Then the process is different for every cheese,’’ Mrs Carrick said.

Pine End Organics sells its ricotta and quarg along with home-grown eggs, honey, fruit and vegetables — all certified organic.

Mrs Carrick said this organic certification was hard fought for and took dedication to maintain.

She said farmers and producers who claimed to be organic but flouted regulations risked damaging genuinely organic produce.

‘‘Organic certification is a four-year process.

‘‘If someone has a bad experience [with produce falsely labelled organic] it tars us all the same.’’


■ What: Pine End Organics

■ Where: 35 Binalong Road, Belimbla Park

■ Details: 46572176, [email protected]南京夜网 or visit www.pineend南京夜网


■ Introductory workshops: fetta, ricotta and butter — $135

■ Advanced workshops: camembert, quarg and yoghurt — $150

■ Morning tea and lunch are included and comfortable shoes and clothes are recommended

■ Workshops are particularly fun when done with friends or family

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Juniors prepare for last short course meet

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Back: Kate Jordan, Anna Mittell, Matthew Slot, Kaitlyn Morgan and Tony Rodda. Front: Kiara Verbeek, Brittany Wassing, Jarrod Slot, Thomas Hawke and Mitchell Sherlock. Picture: CONTRIBUTEDTHEfinal meet for the Short Course season takes place this weekend, with several Bendigo East Swimming Club members set to compete.

A team of 10 young swimmers will compete at the Victorian Age Short Course Championships at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre between Friday and Sunday.

The swimmers are primed and ready for the meet, after competing well at the recent Victorian Country Short Course Championships in Shepparton

Bendigo East swimmersThomas Hawke, Kate Jordan, Jarrod Slot, Matthew Slot, Anna Mittell, Kaitlyn Morgan, Kiara Verbeek, Brittany Wassing andnew club members Bailey Harriden andMitchell Sherlock will try their luck at the event.

“Swimming against some of the best age group swimmers in Victoria is a challenge that this group is keen to tackle,”Bendigo East Coach Tony Rodda said.

“It is an exciting time for all and is a stepping stone for the upcoming long course season.

“If all swimmers can maintain the same attitude and determination they will certainly acquit themselves well,” Rodda said of championship prospects.

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Car crashes through Wollongong dance studio wall: photos

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Car crashes through Wollongong dance studio wall: photos Police and emergency services responded to the Glebe Street incident where the vehicle was found to have become wedged in the back wall of the Dancespace 383 building. Picture: ANDY ZAKELI

Police and emergency services responded to the Glebe Street incident where the vehicle was found to have become wedged in the back wall of the Dancespace 383 building. Picture: ANDY ZAKELI

Police and emergency services responded to the Glebe Street incident where the vehicle was found to have become wedged in the back wall of the Dancespace 383 building. Picture: ANDY ZAKELI

Police and emergency services responded to the Glebe Street incident where the vehicle was found to have become wedged in the back wall of the Dancespace 383 building. Picture: ANDY ZAKELI

Police and emergency services responded to the Glebe Street incident where the vehicle was found to have become wedged in the back wall of the Dancespace 383 building. Picture: ANDY ZAKELI

Police and emergency services responded to the Glebe Street incident where the vehicle was found to have become wedged in the back wall of the Dancespace 383 building. Picture: ANDY ZAKELI

Police and emergency services responded to the Glebe Street incident where the vehicle was found to have become wedged in the back wall of the Dancespace 383 building. Picture: ANDY ZAKELI

Police and emergency services responded to the Glebe Street incident where the vehicle was found to have become wedged in the back wall of the Dancespace 383 building. Picture: ANDY ZAKELI

Police and emergency services responded to the Glebe Street incident where the vehicle was found to have become wedged in the back wall of the Dancespace 383 building. Picture: ANDY ZAKELI

TweetFacebookA woman and child have been injured after a car crashed into a building in Wollongong this morning.

Just after 11am Tuesday morning emergency services were called to the Dancespace383 studioon Glebe Street, after reports a car had crashed into a building.

On arrival, police and emergency services found a Toyota Camry had gone through a wall into the studio.

A woman, aged 30, was hit by the car in the building and she was taken to Wollongong Hospital in a serious condition.

An 18-month-old child was injured and has been taken to hospital in serious condition.

Another woman, aged 42 and a two-year-old childsuffered minor injuries and have been taken to Wollongong Hospital.

All other children at the studio were uninjured.

The driver, an 83-year-old man, was trapped for a short time and on being released he was taken to Wollongong Hospital for mandatory blood and urine testing.

The only passenger, a woman, was uninjured.

Southern Region Crash Investigation Unit are investigating are the circumstances surrounding the crash.

Diversions are in place and motorists are asked to avoid the area. Glebe Street is closed between Kembla Street and Beatson Street, Wollongong.

Source:Illawarra Mercury

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Battle of the biggest names

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CONTENDER: As a Miracle Mile winner, Steve Turnbull’s Smooth Satin (#4) is one horse tipped to be part of the field for the ‘Greatest Ever Bathurst Showground Paceway Cup’ later this month.KIT Walker might be the ghost who walks, but when the phantom comes to the Bathurst Paceway later this month his alter ego will be known as Kevin Thompson.

As part of a massive program which will signal the Bathurst Harness Racing Club’s farewell to the Showground Paceway on September 21, Thompson will conduct a phantom call.

The race will be called the ‘Greatest Ever Bathurst Showground Paceway Cup’.

“Pretty much as a finale to our last ever meeting, it seemed appropriate to put a race together based on the selections of a number of people, including current members, past presidents, secretaries and media. We asked them to put together a list of the top five horses they have seen race on the track,” Bathurst Harness Racing Club’s chief executive officer Danny Dwyer explained.

“We will correlate the results and come up with a field, based on public feedback, who were the best 10 horses to race on the Bathurst track.”

The club invited around 250 people to vote and of those, they got 100 responses, which Dwyer was very pleased with.

While still working on the final field and planning a barrier draw, there is little doubt there will be some quality horses in the mix when Thompson conducts his call.

Dwyer did not reveal any names, but hinted at which horses may make the cut.

“We have definitely seen a range of horses – from those that race in the 1920s through to current times,” he said.

“Anything that was in and around the InterDominion are very popular and there have been a lot of horses from the 50s and 60s that have been quite popular.”

There has been plenty of speculation among Bathurst residents and the harness racing community as a whole as to who will be in the final 10 – names such as Smooth Satin and Hondo Grattan have been frequently mentioned.

“It is certainly something which has created a lot of attention, which is what we set out to do,” Dwyer said.

“It is very important from the club’s point of view to recognise the history of the Show-ground because we have been racing here since 1910.

“This gives us a chance not just to recognise the horses, but the owners, trainers and drivers as well.”

Tonight’s eight-race meeting at the Bathurst Paceway will give a nod to the much anticipated call when the Phantom Race Call 21 Sept Pace is held over 2,130 metres.

Nathan Hurst’s Tulhurst Tully shapes as one of the better chances on the back of two second placings in his last two outings, but he does have to contend with a tricky barrier seven draw. Steve Turnbull’s The Lagoon-trained duo Coopers Beach Boy and The Space also deserve respect.

Tonight’s meeting gets underway at 5.32pm.

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