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Magpie players outnumber their opposition on Saturday during the game.The Tanunda Football Club are represented in the finals series this season by our Under 15s, a large group who have had a lot of management whilst also being great support to Kapunda and Angaston in this age group for the year.
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Chris ‘Spud’ Murphy and his team of coaches and assistants have manfully taught a lot to these boys in the past twoseasons, to a stage where there are 30 or so fine young lads who all deserve a spot on this side.

The team started the season slowly as it takes time to get such a group to gel, however in the second half it all clicked, and the feeling is that there are some exciting times ahead for this bunch of boys.

What a lovely day for the first final at Angaston, the weather was perfect for football and a great crowd in attendance.

The clash was between Tanunda and Willaston who finished third and fourth on the premiership table.

Tanunda won the toss and kicked towards the southern end of Angaston oval. Tanunda were switched on right from the first bounce and went straight into their forward line.

The ball spent most of the first quarter in Tanunda’s forward 50. The defence was very tight, allowing Willaston no easy shots at goal. This was the way the game was played for the first three quarters, with Tanunda winning them all.

The final quarter was a lot tougher as Willaston mounted a fight back, but Tanunda rallied and managed to hang on for a great Final’s win. [Score:Tanunda 9 –8 to Willaston 6-6].

There was a very even spread of goal kicker’s and an excellent defensive effort by all.

Let’s keep the effort and commitment up, on our way to the top. There is still more work to do, so let’s train hard for the next two weeks in preparation for the next final.

So get around these boys, the future if the Tanunda Magpies.

Into the diary please note these dates, BL&G Grand Final at Tanunda, we will need helpers, especially those with an RSA badge, also Senior Presentation Night is October 18 at Langmeil Winery.

Go you Magpies!

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Four charged over kidnap and assault in Werrington

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Police have charged four people over a kidnap and assault in Werrington last month.
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Police said it will be alleged that on Saturday,August 30, a 16-year-old was assaulted at an address on Albert Street in Werrington. He was allegedly struck with a nun-chuck and burnt on the arm with a lit cigarette.

The teenager was then forced to go to an address on Putland Street in St Marys, where he was threatened. He was eventually let go after the incident, which lasted around five hours.

Officers from St Marys Local Area Command have been investigating the incident and have made four arrests.

A 15-year-old male was arrested about 3.20pm on Monday,September 1at an address on Albert Street in Werrington.

A 47-year-old man was arrested at an address on Putland Street in St Marys.

A 20-year-old man was arrested in Penrith and a 17-year-old was arrested on September 2 inAndrews Road in Penrith.

The males aged 15, 17 and 20, have been charged with take/detain in company with intent to get advantage; assault occasioning actual bodily harm in company; and threaten person with intent to influence witness.

The three have been refused bail, with the two juveniles set to appear at a children’s court today, with the other due to appear at Penrith Local Court today.

The 47-year-old man was charged with threaten injury to person with intent to commit an indictable offence. He was granted conditional and will appear at Penrith Local Court on September 22 this year.

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Zac speaks to students for Hearing Awareness week

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GUEST SPEAKER: Zac Diekman (in blue) with his parents, from left, Lisa and Adam Diekman and hearing science co-ordinator, Virginia Adare at one of Zac’s school presentations.Aa part of Hearing Awareness week from August 24 to August 30, nine-year-old Zac Diekman from Kapunda made a special presentation to individual classes at Kapunda Primary School.
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Zac, who is partially deaf in one ear (with conductive hearing loss), is doing his part in raising awareness of hearing loss issues and explained in detail to other students at the school via a powerpoint presentation about his own hearing loss.

The year four student said he already had three grommets (inserted through the ear canal to let fluid out and have the ear return back to normal) and three operations, while he has had his hearing aid for two years.

Having a hearing aid doesn’t stop Zac from playing his favourite sports of football (Kapunda Bombers Under 11s), basketball and tennis.

“I take my hearing aid out when I play football and basketball but leave it in when playing tennis,” Zac said.

Virginia Adare, a hearing science co-ordinator with Department of Education and Child Development also attended the presentation and spoke to the students about how ears work and how to assist people with hearing loss.

Some ideas mentioned were to face people with hearing loss when you speak to them so they can see your facial expressions, keep background noise down (acoustics), and don’t talk to them from behind.

Zac gave a demonstration to the students with his own hearing aid, explained how it worked and spoke about the maintenance of it.

“With the help of my hearing aid I can hear my grandparents on the phone and the television doesn’t have to be so loud anymore which makes my Dad happy,” Zac said.

For further information about hearing loss, go to the Hearing Awareness Week

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Call for more local business support

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Councillor Ian Scandrett has called on council to provide more support for Australian businesses, particularly in the Southern Highlands. Photo by Roy TruscottCOUNCILLOR Ian Scandrett has called for council to be more “fair dinkum”.
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Cr Scandrett put forward a Notice of Motion in last week’s Ordinary Meeting of Council for council to re-examine its commitment to Australian made safety boots.

This included purchasing wholly Australian made safety boots and footwear within the shire, where possible.

“The point is, to buy Australian comes at a slight premium, but if we want to keep jobs in the area, we need to,” Cr Scandrett said.

“My reason for proposing this is to get us to think about where we spend our money, ethically, Rossi Boots do everything in Australia and generally speaking we should support local made and locally sold.

“The intent of this motion is to practice what we should be preaching and start talking among ourselves and the staff about our policy.”

Councillors Graham McLaughlin and Holly Campbell supported the motion.

Cr McLaughlin said his support was fuelled by the disappearance of industries in this shire.

“I will support this because I think we need to take a stand somewhere,” he said.

“If we are going to support jobs, we should start somewhere and should start in our own shire.”

Councillor Larry Whipper and Mayor Juliet Arkwright agreed the matter was a “nice idea” but unrealistic in today’s society.

“I agree in principal, the free trade kills us and we can’t do a damn thing about it,” Cr Whipper said.

“It’s a nice idea but you just can’t do it this day and age.”

Crs Whipper and Arkwright said the motion shouldn’t just specify boots and should be more broad.

“As much as I support the sentiment, it’s a bit too over specific, I would rather have a more over arching policy,” Cr Arkwright said.

“I think all of us in our hearts would love to see this.

“We should wish that wherever possible and feasible staff members look to purchase Australian made products.”

The motion was lost with six councillors voting against it, but Cr Scandrett urged councillors to think about buying Australian made, buying local and shopping local.

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Educational DVD released for the APY Lands

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A new DVD specifically aimed at consumers living in the APY Lands was released by the state government last week.
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The ‘Deadly Dollars – Something for Nothing’ DVD warns of sharp business practices targeting remote communities, raising awareness of making informed choices when paying for products or services.

Minister for Business Services and Consumers Gail Gago said the government wants to give South Australians living in the APY lands to feel confident as consumers and ensure they are well informed in making purchase decisions.

“Unfortunately, we have seen evidence that people living in remote communities are specifically targeted by unscrupulous traders, including unlicensed second hand car dealers and shonky appliance rent-to-buy schemes,” Ms Gago said.

“These are complex issues but they are very real.

“We want to ensure that for those living on the APY Lands, there is no shame in seeking assistance and talking to somebody about money problems.”

‘Deadly Dollars – Something for Nothing’ tells the story of an Anangu family that is struggling to manage their spending, demonstrating how they learn to deal with money better.

The family in the story faces long pay-off periods that outlast the product itself, feels pressured into taking a product on a deposit plan and argues over a family member gambling away money that is needed for essentials.

The DVD was filmed in Pitjantjatjara, features local actors and a script that was finalised with help from the Mimili community.

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Skills program to create local job opportunities in Port Augusta

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LOCAL WORKFORCE: Skills for Jobs in Regions’ Pika Wiya Health Worker Project program manager Verity McTaggart and program participant Tanita Paige with Minister for Employment, Higher Education and Skills Gail Gago in Port Augusta last week.Almost 500 people in Port Augusta are being assisted to develop their skills and access local job opportunities under a program designed to keep people employed in their local communities.
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Minister for Employment, Higher Education and Skills Gail Gago was in town on Wednesday of last week to discuss the next round of funding of the locally successful ‘Skills for Jobs in Regions’ program.

Minister Gago said it’s critical for regions to retain a local workforce.

“It’s most important that we don’t keep losing our young people from our regions into the city and also interstate,” she said.

“The key to keeping them into their local communities and local families, is work.”

The aim is to increase the state’s skilled workforce in areas of regional and local industry need, and create more employment opportunities through delivering tailored employment projects.

The minister said the great advantage of the program is the strong connection between the training provider and industry.

“The employers have the opportunity to identify the skills that they need, the training provider provider is then able to make sure that they put a package of skills and training together that specifically meets that employers need, and then they deliver it – and there’s a job at the end of that training,” she explained.

“It is specifically designed to meet a service need on the ground…we don’t train for training’s sake, we train for jobs.”

In Port Augusta specifically, 165 of 487 participants have already found employment and there are still three months remaining in the program.

Some industry needs identified in the Port Augusta area include engineering, support to engineering (aligned with mining endeavours), aged care and mental health care workers.

Pika Wiya Health Worker Project program manager Verity McTaggart sung the program’s praises, suggesting it is the ideal way of recruiting employees.

She said under the Skills for Jobs in Regions program, Pika Wiya were able to identify a shortfall in Aboriginal health workers in their mental health team, and attract a number of trainees to complete a Certificate III in Primary Health Care.

“It’s great I think, for Aboriginal people in particular, because it’s a group coming together to study Monday to Friday, so it’s building a rapport,” she said.

One of these participants is local mother Tanita Paige, who decided to join the program to improve her chances of getting a job as a nurse.

She said she has every intention of staying in Port Augusta for work.

“Thankfully Pika Wiya are offering these courses because it’s always something that I wanted to do,” Ms Paige said.

“I hope that it will provide me with the stepping stone I need to complete my Diploma in Nursing or pursue a cadetship at the Port Augusta Hospital or the Pika Wiya Learning Centre.”

The next round of funding is underway, and the state government is currently taking submissions and proposals for the 2014-2015 financial year.

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Netball courts to be funded from sale of land

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The Vikings and Shamrocks played on the Railway Parade courts on the weekend.Eleven netball courts will be constructed as part of stage two (the netball component) of the redevelopment of Central Oval.
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After recently approving the allocation of $850,000 to fund construction, Port Augusta City Council will now obtain a short term cash advance debenture from the Local Government Finance Authority (LGFA).

The cash advance will be repaid from the funds obtained from the sale of the land currently occupied by Port Augusta Netball Association (PANA) on Railway Parade, which has been valuated at more than $1 million.

The cost estimate of $841,000 for stage two of redevelopment includes civil works, stormwater, asphalt, lighting, fencing and sealing of courts.

The cost of financing an $850,000 short term advance from the LGFA is $45,000 per year.

PANA will contribute to the fit out of the courts and shade and seating to the area, as well as their office space.

The process of selling the current land will be made easier without PANA occupying the facility, but could take more than a year to facilitate.

Elected members will be provided with a further report in due course, containing options for the disposal of the current netball association land.

The netball association deferred major maintenance works to existing court infrastructure with the impending return to Central Oval.

Port Augusta City Council were given the $10 million grant on the basis the Central Oval redevelopment would be a community and sporting hub including a range of sports and if stage two funding was not approved the entire grant could have been taken away.

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Therapy through music

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Austin Denheyer, Taleisha Bridgett, Frank Jarfoi and Issaiah Thommers at “Drumbeat” in Henty last week.Members of the ‘Grandparents doing it tough’ group met in Henty on Friday to take part in a Drumbeat presentation with the grandchildren.
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The grandparents and children were taught how to drum by Frank Jarfoi from Centacare who has been living in Wagga for the last five years.

While the days meeting was all about making noise and drumming there is also a therapeutic element.

“It’s not just the music there is a therapeutic aspect to it,” Centacare Post Separation Cooperative Parenting (PSCP) Facilitator Lyn Reilly said.

“They also have a form of identity through using the drums. We all play a different beat but when we play together it becomes something beautiful.

“It is something special for the school and bringing Drumbeat here is great for the school.”

By the grandparents getting involved and having a go they are showing the kids that it isn’t that hard.

Vodeen Graetz, one of the grandparents, was pleased with the event.

“It’s good for the kids to know that there are other kids like them (raised by their grandparents),” Ms Graetz said.

Ms Graetz is raising six of her grandchildren and while the day helped the children it also supports the grandparents just as much by being around people who are in the same position.

“People are quite judgemental and they think that your kids have done something wrong because of you,” Ms Graetz said.

“They are having a fathers day event at school and thats fine when you’ve got a father but when you don’t it’s hard on them. Their friends understand but it’s still hard.”

The idea behind ‘Grandparents doing it tough’ is to support other people in the same position.

Centacare is based in Wagga Wagga but runs events in Henty after they became aware that there was a need for it.

“There are grandparents here and they are fun,” Ms Reilly said.

“It helps them build up their social networks and gives them the opportunity to talk to other grandparents raising their grandkids.”

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Redlands on fire alert

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Redlanders have been urged to be bushfire ready afterthe State Disaster Coordination Centre issuedasevere fire warning for South East Queensland including Redland City.
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Redland City Mayor and Chair of the Local Disaster Management Group Karen Williams said the fire warning had been issued due to forecast weather conditions for today.

“The Bureau of Meteorology said warm, dry, fresh and gusty winds are expected to increase during the day, so residents should be vigilant of the increased fire risk,” Cr Williams said.

“This warning should resonate strongly with local residents after the Straddie bushfires earlier this year and residents are asked to check their bushfire survival plans to ensure they have a family emergency plan and emergency kit at the ready.”

Cr Williams said a great source of information was Council’s Disaster Management Plan.

“This resource provides information on how to prepare for a disaster and evacuation routes specific to individual suburbs and islands,” she said.

“Everyone should familiarise themselves with the necessary information and prepare their home and families now rather than waiting until a fire to make the necessary preparations.

“We would also ask that people not light fires, including burning off in their backyards and being mindful of disposing of cigarette butts safely during these hot and dry conditions. People should also listen to the radio to stay connected to Council and QFES social media channels for any updates.”

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Belgian backers bring their best

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NEW BREED: Peyton and Cooper Anderson and Declan Boyde with their Belgian chickens. Picture: ADAM HOLMESAS many in the poultry game can attest, few are more passionate about their birds than breeders of Belgian Bantams.
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Thepassion for the unique variety of chicken was on displayin Bendigo on Sunday with 200 entriesat the Victorian Show of the Belgian Bantam Club.

The popularity of the varieties of Belgian chickens has been on a rapid rise in recent years.

Secretary, treasurer and newslettereditor of the Belgian Bantam Club of Australia Irene Hammond said the demand for unique and useful pets had caused a boom in Belgian Bantam numbers.

“It’s because they’re brilliant for backyards,” she said.

“You can basically keep a couple hens in a cage not much larger than a guinea pig’s cage.

“Most of them are really good egg layers and they tame down quite well. The eggs are small, but you just need to account for that by adding two eggs instead of one to a recipe.

“They lay quite prolifically.”

Ms Hammond said the birds were at their most popular since she started breeding them in 1983.

The increasing move towards self-sufficient households has also seen an increase in the popularity of chickens, particularly the Belgian Bantam.

The Belgian breeds arrived in Australia in the early 1980s due to their popularity in the UK and Europe.

The most popular of the varieties is the feather-footedd’Uccle.

Sunday was the 15th anniversary of the show in Victoria.

David Boyde, of Glenroy, entered a number of chickens into the show on Sunday with his grandchildren.

He said they made perfect pets for children.

“They go out and feed and water them every day and make sure they get locked up at night,” Mr Boyde said.

“The d’Uccle’s are really nice birds.”

The club also reported a number of sales throughout the afternoon.

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