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Jack Newton was allegedly told after a practise round for the British Open that he would have a good chance of winning if he could organise and master the space between his ears. It is one thing, of many, that separates good golfers from not so good golfers.

Most golf books emphasise the importance of visualizing the shot before you play it but how many of us do this. For some, including this scribe, the focus is on trying to hit the ball square but not necessarily with any particular shot in mind. Hence variation and inconsistency becomes the norm with the consequence that frustration and dismay cloud the space between our ears.

This cloudiness not only upsets whatever rhythm exists on the day but wakens us at three am with thoughts of what might have been in the previous day’s golf.

Last Saturday’s single stableford for ladies was won by sister Barb from Jackie Clark in a match described by the sponsor, Mrs Goddard, as a pretty poor show all round. The men’s affair was not much better.

With the exception of the chief steward, who is in the middle of a purple patch, and the Bare-elbow, who regularly picks up 35 or 36 points, the rest struggled. It is generally not a good sign when players who have scored 31 or 30 points pick up a ball. Those undeserving of such a reward last week were Messrs Goddard, Morgan the younger, O’Toole and Jones.

The previous week’s medley 2 ball was won by Terry Hughes and Mike Toirkens from Mike Fitzgerald and Shirley Shoemark. Mike T was the NTP and the balls went to Mr Cansell, Mrs Clark, Massey Ferguson and the Scotts.

This Saturday there is a stroke event for both men and ladies. The ladies event is sponsored by Fran McGrath. Sunday is the mixed foursome championships and we hope for at least as good a field as last year when the event was very competitive.

The weather is warming and the course has benefitted from the buckets of rain lately so it may be a good time to clear the cobwebs from the clubs and, or, the brain and have a hit. Remember, if you cannot manage the Saturday competition, there are regular chook runners on a Thursday and Sunday afternoon and there are many opportunities for a social game.

Monkittee Platypus.

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