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FATHER’S DAY: Celebrating Dubbo’s best Dads | Reader Photos WINNER: This is our dad Brett. We love him because he always has time to play with us. He even let’s us play his Star Wars monopoly. He makes up funny songs and makes us laugh. We are very lucky to have a funny Daddy who loves us. Brodie (5) and Jonah (4) and Mikeli (13)

This is my Super Dad, Joseph Daly. He means everything to our family. And although he works two jobs, he always tries to make time to spend with me and my younger brother, Patrick. We all love him and all that he does for our family. I am very lucky to have a Dad like him. -Peter Daly.

This is our hero dad Matt . We are twins so Dad always had one of us in his arms helping mum. Then Dad had cancer when we were three. Then he looked after Mum and us when she got Breast Cancer in 2012 and a different cancer in her leg this year. When Mum was having radiation in Orange for 7 weeks he was SUPER DAD looking after us. He even gave us vegetables. Photo: Trish Taylor

My dad David Ward at dubbo West preschool fathers day breakfastFrom Lucas Ward

Our Dad has been our Mum and Dad for the past 22 Years after our Mum died.He is a great Dad to 3 Daughters, 7 Grandchildren and 2 Great Grandchildren. Photo: Fiona Rayner

I love my Daddy, He helps me achieve and enjoy the sweetest things in life & he always loves me back.

Father and daughter a bond that can never be broken. Photo: Emma Barrett

My dad is Dubbos daggiest dad. But he is also the best dad to my brother and I. He always put us and our mother first.Even when his world shattered when he discovered he had a brain tumour. He fought it, but then it came back. He fought it again, but while he was in ICU he told my mum and I that he never wants to go through that again. But when the tumour grew back the third time. He was even more determined to kick it in the butt. And he did, through radiation therapy.My dad is the strongest man I know, mentally and physically. He always stuck by me when I was severely bullied at school for my hearing impairment. He supports my dreams and acknowledges my achievements.He is now not only a dad, but he’s a pop. And he is a damn proud pop too.If my son is anything like my dad when he’s older, I’ll be happy and proud. 🙂 Photo: Hayley Rees

“This is a photo of myself and my father or as I still call him: “My Daddy”I love him so much because throughout my whole life he has always been there for me, no matter good or bad and he has the best sense of humor!” Photo: Amy Galea

This is my girls dad, Nick. They totally adore him. They especially love it when he reads to them every night & takes them for a babychino on Saturday mornings! Photo: Kristy Hubbard

This my dad nick… He is the most amazing dad. He will do anything for his family and friends at a drop of the hat without asking anything in return. Photo: Courtney Ryan

This is our daddy Nick Handley! He is awesome and the best daddy cause he loves us and gives us lots of cuddles and kisses and he works hard on his digger! From Max, Zak and Matilda Handley

I would like to nominate my Pop , bill Talbot . He is the kindest & strongest person I know & he deserves his weight in gold ! Pop & my nan Joan have raised Myself & 3 younger siblings from a young age & he continues to support us all in everything we do .He is the best poppy to my 3year old son Shannon , who he is currently teaching to play the harmonica We love you dearly pop & appreciate everything you have done & continue to do for us . Photo: Denni Talbot

This is my dad Kevin. He’s been through a lot and is such a hard working dad & doting poppy! Photo: Kristy Hubbard

I love my dad because he has always shown me & taught me how to be a great fisherman! Photo: Robert Schembri

This is our dad. We love him because he really likes having fun with us, takes us on bike rides and is just one of the kids! From Mitchell(7) ,Gregory (8) and Emma (2 1/2)

“This is my dad Wayne Ferguson. He is my inspiration, he does anything to help anyone, he is always there for me when I need him!! He has no hesitation in dropping what his doing to help any of his children or friends and asks nothing in return, my dad is everything to me xx” Photo: Lizzy Gray

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