A few heads turned, a few dollars raised

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Sweet victory: Luddenham rally driver Peter Carr with his 1971 Ford Fairlane ZD. Picture: Jeff de PasqualeLUDDENHAM rally driver Peter Carr has done it again.

Last weekend, Mr Carr and his team, The Blues Bros, took out first place in the Kidney Kar Rally.

It was the fourth time Mr Carr has claimed victory in the event and the 20th time he’s competed.

This year’s eight-day 4000-kilometre rally saw more than 70 teams compete. Of course, the competition is secondary to the primary cause — raising funds for Kidney Health Australia’s Kidney Kids programs.

Over the years Mr Carr has been joined in the rally car by his close friend and navigator Steve O’Connell. Together they have raised more than $200,000 for the charity.

“Although it’s a charity rally, it’s a very competitive rally — it’s not just a cruise around the country,” he said.

“It’s something I look forward to every year and I’m very passionate about it.”

Mr Carr said the rally started in Gundagai, the mid-way point was Mount Gambier in South Australia and the finish line was at Cootamundra

“We had three of us compete this year — my son Pete Carr decided to come along seeing it was my 20th year,” he said.

“I have had my car for 20 years as well and it’s competed all 20 times. It’s a 1971 Ford Fairlane ZD that has been done up like the Blues Brothers.

“The whole idea of the theme was to turn a few heads and raise awareness of the event.”

Mr Carr said competition cars must be professionally prepared as rally cars.

He said the average enthusiast could afford to take part in the event as it is recommended that entry vehicles be 20 years or older.

Mr Carr said newer model cars could also be used but would suffer point disadvantages.

“If you saw a video of this everyone would want to do it!”

Mr Carr said he would encourage all car enthusiasts of Liverpool and south-west Sydney to be involved.

“Not only is it a good charity event but you have a lot of fun. It’s exciting because you get to go to places that you wouldn’t have thought you’d ever visit.”

Details: kidneykarrally苏州美甲美睫培训学校.au.

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