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We visit Pine End Organics for our first Macarthur Foodies feature

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‘‘Really satisfying’’: Margarita Carrick with some of Pine End Organics’ cheeses, which they make at their Belimbla Park farm. Picture: Jonathan NgFor food lovers, Pine End Organics is the organic pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Kerrie Armstrong dropped in to have a look.

NESTLED in a copse of trees in Belimbla Park is a foodie magnet for Sydneysiders and locals alike.

Pine End Organics produces organic fruit and vegetables, eggs and honey and its bed and breakfast attracts city dwellers with the promise of a weekend away in the country, just 80kilometres from the big smoke.

But owner Margarita Carrick offers an unusual point of difference for her visitors — the opportunity to learn how to make cheese.

‘‘Making your own cheese is really satisfying, like anything you do for yourself,’’ Mrs Carrick said.

‘‘You know what’s in it, just like when you are cooking from scratch.’’

Mrs Carrick has been making cheese for about 10 years and teaching others for about eight years.

She offers two levels of dairy workshops: the introductory workshop, which covers how to make fetta, ricotta and butter, and the advanced workshops, which cover camembert, quarg and yoghurt.

The process for all the cheeses begins with raw milk, which Mrs Carrick said could be difficult to get, but could, at a pinch, be substituted for organic homogenised milk.

‘‘I have a few different sources for raw milk.

‘‘It has entered our thoughts to get a cow ourselves, but there are lots of local people who have cows and the amount of milk is too much for one family.’’

Once the milk has been sourced, Mrs Carrick pasteurises it and adds a starter culture, to replace good bacteria that is lost in the pasteurisation process, which converts the lactose in the milk to lactic acid.

Rennet is then added to set the mixture into curds which are then cut into small cubes.

‘‘Then the process is different for every cheese,’’ Mrs Carrick said.

Pine End Organics sells its ricotta and quarg along with home-grown eggs, honey, fruit and vegetables — all certified organic.

Mrs Carrick said this organic certification was hard fought for and took dedication to maintain.

She said farmers and producers who claimed to be organic but flouted regulations risked damaging genuinely organic produce.

‘‘Organic certification is a four-year process.

‘‘If someone has a bad experience [with produce falsely labelled organic] it tars us all the same.’’


■ What: Pine End Organics

■ Where: 35 Binalong Road, Belimbla Park

■ Details: 46572176, [email protected]苏州美甲美睫培训学校 or visit www.pineend苏州美甲美睫培训学校


■ Introductory workshops: fetta, ricotta and butter — $135

■ Advanced workshops: camembert, quarg and yoghurt — $150

■ Morning tea and lunch are included and comfortable shoes and clothes are recommended

■ Workshops are particularly fun when done with friends or family

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Labor sees red over Hunter school zone light roll-out

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John Robertson flanked by Jodie Harrison Tim Crakanthorp outside Windale Public School. Pic: Max Mason-HubersA SLOW roll-out of flashing orange lights in Hunter school zones has NSW Opposition leader John Robertson seeing red.

MrRobertson met with Labor candidates Jodie Harrison and Tim Crakanthrop outside Windale Public School this morning to discuss the issue.

Mr Robertson said the rollout had been a ‘‘miserable failure’’, despite the Hunter’s flashing light installation being planned for later this year.

Only half the Hunter’s schools have flashing school zone lights.

The Transport for NSW website has published a schedule detailing when local government areas should expect installation of flashing school zone lights.

On the list, Lake Macquarie City Council and Newcastle Council are scheduled between November 2014 and February 2015.

But Ms Harrison said the government had had three and a half years to install the lights but had managed to put in plenty of speed cameras.

She said the government had the wrong priorities.

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Foodie fun part of Carnivale action

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A NEW fixture on the region’s spring calendar will have residents dusting off their cookbooks or whipping up the secret family recipe, as well as hitting the local food trail to find the freshest and best produce the Upper Hunter provides.

One of the many events held during Muswellbrook Carnivale in Spring, the aptly-named Carnivale de Cuisine encourages the community to share a meal with family and friends, while at the same time using fresh local produce.

Muswellbrook Shire tourism and promotions officer Kevin Doherty said it was simple and fun to be part of Carnivale de Cuisine.

“Any time during spring, invite a family member or a few friends over for a home-cooked meal,” Mr Doherty said.

“The only rule is you must use at least one item of local, Upper Hunter produce.

“And if you serve it with a bottle of Upper Hunter wine – well that’s even better.”

Once you’ve shared your meal, share a photo of it on Muswellbrook Shire Carnivale in Spring Facebook page.

2NM radio host Stephen Cenatiempo has been named grand ambassador of Carnivale de Cuisine and is encouraging the entire community to be involved.

Mr Cenatiempo’s family hails from southern Italy, from the little island of Ischia, off the coast of Naples.

“Dad came to Australia in 1950 and we lived most of our lives in Sydney’s western suburbs,” he said.

“He was involved in fruit and veg, so food has been a major part of my life since I was born, especially fresh produce.”

It stands to reason, with his Italian heritage, that Mr Cenatiempo would be big fan of pasta – and he is – but he also includes German among his favourite cuisines.

He’s looking forward to seeing the dishes the local community shares during Carnivale de Cuisine.

To make it easier to find and buy local, the new online directory The Upper Hunter Country Pantry Shopping List was launched last month.

It brings together details of local food and wine producers in one easy-to-search list.

Mr Cenatiempo said the The Upper Hunter Country Pantry Shopping List was a great initiative.

“An area like the Upper Hunter has been begging for something like this and I really can’t believe it’s never been done before,” he said.

“Most regions have great local produce, but here in the Hunter the area is just so rich with it,” he said.

“I’ve been in the Upper Hunter for two years now and I really only know a handful of local producers.”

Mr Cenatiempo said the Upper Hunter has a diverse cultural make up, so Carnivale de Cuisine was a great opportunity to celebrate it.

The benefits of Carnivale de Cuisine are two-fold, it brings people together to enjoy a meal and it encourages residents to “shop local” and learn about the vast array of local produce and producers available right on their door step.

The Upper Hunter Country Pantry Shopping List can be found at www.upperhuntercountry苏州美甲美睫培训学校 – click the Eat Up! tab.

Don’t forget to post a photo of your meal on Muswellbrook Carnivale in Spring Facebook page.

For more information contact Kevin Doherty on 6541 4050.

GRAND AMBASSADOR: 2NM radio host Stephen Cenatiempo is encouraging residents to embrace Carnivale de Cuisine.

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Premier says Koala trail will be an inspiration to the world

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SURROUNDED by 55 creatively painted sculptured koalas on Monday, NSW Premier Mike Baird said other communities will looks to the Hello Koalas Public Sculpture Trail for inspiration.

The Premier made a brief appearance at Emerald Downs Golf Course at the invitation of Port Macquarie MP Leslie Williams and Hello Koalas project instigator Margret Meagher. In her introduction to the Premier, Mrs Williams said: “The community will be the beneficiary of what we see here today”.

Trail tees off: Port Macquarie MP Leslie Williams, executive director Arts and Health Australia Margret Meagher, NSW Premier Mike Baird, deputy mayor Adam Roberts, and project coordinator Linda Hall surrounded by koala sculptures at Emerald Downs Golf Course on Monday.

Mr Baird said public art is a critical part of any city and the artists had made the koalas so visually appealing they will generate conversation not just here but across the nation and the world. Also at the launch mayor Peter Besseling said he couldn’t believe the talent of the artists who created the designs on the koalas.

“It showcases our local arts community and confirms Port Macquarie’s relationship with koalas to the world, “Cr Besseling said.

“It has been well supported throughout the community, including council as principal sponsors, and adds another level of interest for people coming to the Hastings.”

Koala artist Yvonne Kiely, whose Celtic Koala design is a nod to her heritage and that of many in the community, said her family will be coming from overseas to see the trail.

Executive director Arts and Health Australia Mrs Meagher said the gods and koala spirits were shining on the launch.

“This the culmination of three years work and we are honoured Premier Mike Baird has joined us,” Mrs Meagher said.

Arts and Health Australia was indebted to the state government for its support of the Dementia Koala, and for its support of the organisation’s efforts to make the Hastings the first dementia friendly community in Australia, she said.

There had been overwhelming support for the project and Mrs Meagher believes the community will take ownership of it.

“Already today we have had sightseers calling into the golf club to see the koalas.”

She gave high praise to project coordinator Linda Hall.

“This wouldn’t have happened without the calibre of expertise and skill set of Linda. I can’t speak highly enough of her.”

Each of the koalas will be placed on a plinth and located either at the site of their sponsor’s premises or at a mutually agreed location.

The creatively designed koalas will start to appear throughout the Hastings this month.

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End of a Gawler era

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STANDING DOWN: Brian Thom with the painting of a Gawler train outside the Old Spot Hotel circa 1890s, and his own painting of Gawler’s man with the dog (Briant Mahoney).Brian Thom was born in Gawler, was schooled there and lived in the town most of his life. Now, after 14-and-a-half interesting years on the Town of Gawler Council, he is retiring at the next election.

The passion the 69-year-old has for the history and heritage of Gawler is only surpassed by his love of working with the community.

When Mr Thom started on council local MP Tony Piccolo was mayor, who was followed by the first lady mayor, Helena Dawkins, then through Brian Sambell’s mayoral tenure, including several stints as deputy mayor.

“I retired at 55 and my wife (Bev) said, ‘you should run for the council elections in a couple of months’, and eventually I capitulated – as you do,” the popular deputy mayor said.

“It didn’t take long to quickly learn that one had to digest reams of info, but the level of intensity in 2000 compared to 2014 is intermediate high school compared to uni.

“There is greater attention to detail, which has really come to the fore in the past five years, with probably bigger picture issues to grapple with, like the transport management plan and the state government foisting ministerial DPAs on us, regarding Gawler East and the top of racecourse.”

Mr Thom worked on a number of sub committees, including infrastructure; corporate and community service; the signage committee until it disbanded; and currently is the chairman of Gawler 175th events. And since its inception, he has been Gawler’s board member on the Gawler River Flood Plain management authority, attending 78 of 80 possible meetings.

Some of the retiring councillor’s highlights include being involved in the Bruce Eastick North Para flood mitigation dam; putting a fourth deck on the three deck car park to cater for future Gawler expansion; and dissuading council to have a commercial area where lifestyle village now stands.

“There are always areas of concern in council, which are issues affecting community members,” he said.

“The placement of the multi goods area to where it is, establishment of the Gawler graffiti removal team, under lighting the Morton Bay Fig Trees along Julian Terrace and the new skate park, are some of the issues we have looked at. Others include eliminating the use of High Street for the passage of 10,000 vehicles a day, and advocating for the heritage buildings and walls of Gawler to be preserved for prosperity, as much as possible.”

Mr Thom is frustrated the pigeon problem in Gawler still exists, a toilet hasn’t been erected in the Fifth Street playground, and the state government hasn’t progressed the year 2000 memorandum of understanding for a north east bypass.

Probably closest to his heart is the fact the town’s heritage items are still in storage hidden away and not on display, which led to him forming the popular Gawler History Group.

“Three years ago, after increasingly becoming concerned that Gawler’s photographic history was being lost, or hidden, I felt it needed to be exposed for the world to see, so the Gawler History Team was formed,” Mr Thom said.

“It now has about 10,000 photos and articles, and I am delighted with how it has progressed.”

For 39 years Brian Thom worked for AMP, his last 20 years as a financial advisor and planner in Gawler and the Barossa Valley. He and his wife Bev have two sons (Richard and Michael) – brought up in Gawler – and two grandchildren, Stephanie and Nicholas.

And for the past 39 years, Mr Thom has lived in Daly Street, Gawler, just 200metres from where he was born.

A life member of the Apex Club, the Gawler lifer has been the curator of the St George’s Anglican Cemetery since 2000, is a member of the national trust of Gawler and the Gawler Community Gallery.

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