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ICAC: Roozendaal ordered Mayfield container terminal changes

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Eric Roozendaal leaves ICAC on Monday. Pic: Daniel Munoz, Fairfax Media via Getty ImagesLABOR treasurer Eric Roozendaal secretly ordered that plans for a Mayfield container terminal be altered to provide for a coal conveyor across the site, after he was lobbied by Buildev and party powerbroker Joe Tripodi to support the company’s coalloader.

The instruction was issued in early 2011 to the Newcastle Port Corporation despite its objections and clear advice from Treasury and the Hunter Development Corporation of major problems with the coal-loader idea.

The warnings included those from anti-corruption experts that it would be ‘‘grossly unfair’’ to deal with the Newcastle development company exclusively over use of the former steelworks site for coal and a letter from Hunter Development Corporation chairman Paul Broad that the government should ‘‘carefully consider whether the situation justifies direct dealing in preference to a public competitive process’’.

Mr Roozendaal, also ports minister, then wrote a draft letter to the port corporation board in February 2011 to approve the state-owned corporation proceeding with direct negotiations for a container terminal.

But it was on the basis a coal-conveyor easement be included to allow for a future coal-loader as well.

‘‘To whose benefit would that have been?’’ counselassisting the Independent Commission Against Corruption inquiry Geoffrey Watson, SC, asked yesterday.

‘‘The people of NSW,’’ Mr Roozendaal replied.‘‘ . . . Apart from them, would it have been of benefit to a particular company?’’ Mr Watson pressed.

‘‘It was potentially a benefit to Buildev, yes,’’ Mr Roozendaal admitted.

The port corporation board minutes record: ‘‘It was understood that the minister was to make an announcement to this effect but would not refer to the easement.’’

Mr Roozendaal denied the change was a potential ‘‘windfall’’ for Buildev he sought to keep secret.

But the move also followed Mr Roozendaal’s instructions issued in November 2010 that the port corporation board be blocked from endorsing then the start of negotiations with the consortium that wanted to build the container terminal, until aTreasury review of the project and Buildev’s coalloader proposal was done.

Labor MP Joe Tripodi had met with Buildev, part owned by Nathan Tinkler, only a few days before that order was given and had assured its directors he would speak to Mr Roozendaal about their coalloader plan.

Mr Roozendaal admitted it was likely he had discussed the issue with Mr Tripodi as ‘‘Joe was advocating for the Buildev proposal’’ and he ‘‘didn’t think it was a problem’’ for Mr Tripodi to discuss with Buildev the information passing through his office.

However, he denied leaking to Mr Tripodi or anyone else a Treasury briefing about the Mayfield site.

Mr Roozendaal denied knowing that Mr Tinkler had offered to secretly fund Newcastle MP and minister for the Hunter Jodi McKay’s campaign, as Ms McKay has told the ICAC.

The inquiry continues.FORMER police minister Mike Gallacher ‘‘constantly’’ referred to Barry O’Farrell as the ‘‘big man’’ and the ‘‘big kahuna’’, suggesting texts about ‘‘$120k’’ coming from an unnamed big man could be references to the former premier, an inquiry has been told.

Former resources and energy minister and Terrigal MP Chris Hartcher told the Independent Commission Against Corruption yesterday he had never discussed $120,000 as promised campaign funding with Newcastle candidate Tim Owen.

The inquiry has been shown a text message from Mr Owen’s campaign manager, Hugh Thomson, to Mr Gallacher, the founder of the Hunter Liberals, asking ‘‘how’s our big man going with the $120k’’.

Mr Thomson has given evidence he believed the big man was Nathan Tinkler.

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Health insurance sale

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ONE must question the wisdom of the federal government in its proposed sale of its health insurance provider Medibank Private (The Examiner, August 30), for it has proved to be an annual profit cash for the government since its inception, providing competitive rates against other major health insurance provides.

Yet Finance Minister Mathias Cormann states it will remove the current conflict where the government is both regulator of private health insurance as well as a large market participant.

This may be so, but with Medibank going down the same path as former government-owned profitable commodities such as Telstra and the Commonwealth Bank (with its imminent listing on the Australia Securities Exchange by the end of the year) it may eventually be a case of the government having nothing more to sell.

Owning profit-making businesses is money in the bank, here endeth the lesson.

— ROBERT LEE, Summerhill.

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Salvos keeps cool with Kleenheat

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DONATION: Whyalla Salvation Army will continue to assist those in need with the help of a $5000 donation from Kleenheat Gas. Salvation Army South Australia social programs secretary Rhonda Elkington, Lieutenants Gail and Peter Sweeney with Kleenheat Gas representatives Martin Caldwell and Martin Day.Whyalla Salvation Army will be better equipped to assist those in need this summer following a donation from Kleenheat Gas.

The Salvation Army received a $5000 donation from Kleenheat Gas through its Regional Care Services Program on Wednesday, August 27.

The donation handover was made by Kleenheat Gas representatives Martin Caldwell and Martin Day and accepted by Salvation Army Lieutenants Peter and Gail Sweeney.

Mr Caldwell said the donation would help Salvation Army continue its important service.

“Kleenheat Gas is proud to provide this donation of $5000 to the Salvos in Whyalla,” he said.

“This will allow them to continue assisting regional communities in need, which is very important work for the local community.”

The money will go towards the Salvation Army’s Community Support Services program and will see seven split system air-conditioning units be installed.

The Community Support Services program provides a safe environment for marginalised families and individuals and currently supports 80 people in the Whyalla community.

Lieutenant Peter Sweeney said with the summer months fast approaching, the donation would enable Salvation Army to provide cool and comfortable facilities.

“These air conditioners will make an incredible difference over the summer months and we are so pleased that we are able to provide a comfortable place for those who are in need,” he said.

Lieutenant Gail Sweeney extended thanks to Kleenheat Gas for its support.

Mr Caldwell said the donation was part of the ongoing Regional Care Services program partnership between Kleenheat Gas and Salvation Army.

“Over the years Kleenheat and the Salvos have worked together,” he said.

The Regional Care Services program was established in 2009 to support a different regional community in Australia each month by providing operational funding and donations.

Mr Caldwell said Kleenheat Gas had donated $200,000 so far through the program.

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Sports round up

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Tanunda Kegel

It was a good roll up of players last Thursday night with guests also attendingfor a game of Kegel.

There was some really good bowling being seen in the first game with half ofthe players all over the 200 points.

Rick Loan was in the lead at the end of the first game with James Dooley only14 points behind.

Travis Saegenschnitter picked up a good bowling line and surged ahead in thesecond game to win the nights play with Rick Loan finishing in second placeonly four points behind.

Rick Loan bowled the highest frame score for the night with 66 points.

Jon Cannon, a guest for the night, did well to get sixth place for the nights play.

Christian Fletcher was the only Kegeller to miss out on bowling a 24.

Results 1st game 2nd game Total

T.Saegenschnitter 222 265 487

R.Loan 253 230 483

J.Dooley 239 172 411

M.Hueppauff 229 153 382

M.Cirillo 203 167 370

C.Fletcher 166 204 370

J.Cannon 197 171 368

C.Chaplin 185 180 365

J.Norman 167 176 343


T.Saegenschnitter 9 ; R.Loan 7 ; C.Chaplin, M.Cirillo 4 ; M.Hueppauff,

J.Norman 3 ; J.Cannon 2 ; J.Dooley 1.


J.Dooley, T.Sagenschnitter, M.Hueppauff 1.


J.Cannon 4 ; J.Norman, R.Loan 2.

Members are reminded that the 400 Down Trophy will be played for duringSeptember.



Monday Junior

Under 12D1

Williamstown Giants 35 def Barossa 16

Run N Gun 36 def Sandy Creek 26

Under 12D2A

All Stars 38 def Trinity Triumph 11

Heat 19 def Silver Swishes 13

Under 12D2B

Trinity Magic 24 def Barossa Bulldogs Red 0

Barossa Bulldogs Blue 19 def Five Stars 1

Trinity Wild Lions 21 def United Stars 4

Under 14D1

Barossa 34 def All Stars 26

CCS Flight 28 def Celtics 20

Under 14D2

Heat 28 def Trinity Gawler River 26

And 1 All Stars 24 def Trinity Blue 20

Barossa Bulldogs 53 def Raptorz 28

Under 16

The Crusaders 42 def Mavericks 21

T-Legends 28 def Swishes 14

Monday Men

Phil’s Team 34 def Hurricanes 33

Wizards 55 def Shakers 51

AP Tigers 40 def Rattlers 29

Beard of Chuck 41 def Shooting Bricks 30

Wolverines 46 def Turbos 35

Swamp Dawgs 47 def Cunning Stunts 41

Orlago Bujic 20 def M&Ms 0

Tuesday Daytime Ladies

Flukes 80 def Rhondavues 38

Flamin Flamingos 85 def Blue Birds 22

Cheeky Chicks 67 def Kaos 34

Tuesday Juniors

Under 8

Lyndoch Wolves Black 8 def Gold Stars 6

Sandy Creek 12 def Warriors 2

Roar 8 def Trinity Thunder 6

Lyndoch Wolves Gold 23 def Red Devils 14

Dragon Jets 24 def Junior CC Stars 0

Trinity Scorpions 8 def Trinity Tigers 6

Under 10

Trinity Titans 18 def CC Stars 16

Williamstown 28 def Flight Team 6

Trinity Lions 23 def Sandy Creek 12

Lyndoch Wolves 18 def Trinity Jets 17

Hawks 6 drew Barossa 6

Tuesday Night Men

Mighty Ducks 47 def Purple Haze 45

Donkeys 48 def Red Lions 40

Roseworthy 44 def TZK 33

Team Rocket 55 def Vaders 29

Muffin Stuffers 88 def North Side Flyerz 34

Google It 47 def Gang Green 40

Wolves 46 def Black Hawke 40

Uncle Drew 68 def X-Men 43

CREAM 61 def Panthers 30

Wednesday Evening Ladies

Tangos 34 def Wells Girls 26

Brookers 66 def Bittys 25

T-Birds 36 def Roseworthy White29

Thursday Night Mixed

Ultim8s 45 def Going Deep 40

Steelers 41 def Comets 28

Fruit Hoops 2 72 def Long Plains 40

Inkhub 64 def Its Only Social 30

Black Magic 66 def Family Feud 42

Beamers 39 def Fruit Hoops 1 38


Monday Ladies

Division one and two

Yeah Good thanks 24 def Trinity old scholars 15

Jelly Butts 33 def Jokers 17

Mauve It def Purple

Wild Turkeys 29 def Divas 23

Division three and four

Laurlis team 35 def All Saints 34

THEM 33 def Fruit Tingles 18

Ladybirds 31 def TOSNC 13

Roseworthy Ultimate Netballers 54 def Pretzel Ninjas 15

Benchwarmers 25 def Roseworthy Vetballers 21

Tuesday evening mixed

Falcons 28 def Netvets 17

TNT 26 def TLL 3

Ashleys Angels 21 def Demons 12

Pink Paws 39 def Win Some Lose Some 8

Happy Hour 49 def Golden Vipers 14

Vipers 25 def Drop It In 22

Wednesday Junior

Grand Final


Trinity Yellow 16 def Trinity Purple 3

Sub Junior

Trinity Yellow 31 def Trinity Maroon 19


Trinity Red 35 def Trinity Orange 19

Wednesday evening ladies

Grand Final

Division one

Wild Turkeys 30 def TOSNC 27

Division two

Lollipops 36 def Mumma Bears 12

Division three

Roseworthy Fillies 37 def Just Us 32

Wednesday evening Mixed netball

Interceptacons 39 def Denton + 6 11

Team D 28 def No Idea 22

Ball Huggers 33 def Incomplete 3

Michaels + 5 23 def United Tigers 16

Jekylls Angels 43 def The Rejuvenated Rebels 16

Bridge Barossa

Last Wednesday Bridge Baross played the Australian Wide Pairs when an estimated 3000 players from hundreds of clubs competed for RED Masterpoints and many bridge prizes.

Barossa had seven tables, and in a Mitchell movement first North South were Elaine Kenny and Alec Harris with a good 63.96% which should put them in the top 50 players.

Second were Toni Harvey and Barbara Wing with 60.59%, followed by Joan Lee and Peter Robinson 54.6%, Annie Hatcher and Judy Fechner 53.0%, Fran Hannan and Ron Male 40.2%, Helen Sandow and Mary Ehmcke 40%.

The EW players were lead by David Brooks and Evan Allanson with 54.8%, followed by Jill Moody and Kevin Jones 53.8%, Marg Long and Trish Page 53.3%, Joan and Howard Haese 52.2%, Pam and Max Jahn 47.8%, Sirpa and Graham Harms 46.0%, Jeff Morris and Ziggy Mentz 43.8%.

On Monday night at a five table Howell first were Hans Haan and Evan Allanson with 65.4%, followed by Mary Clerk and Ken Farley 59.9%, Joan Lee and Penny Bosward 51.9%, Eunice Kampman and Jill Allanson 51.7%, Pam and Max Jahn 50.9%, Adelaide Abbott and Miles White 50.5%, Erril Kurtz and Wally Birch 48.1%, Sirpa and Graham Harms 40.1%, Rose Dadds and Peter Clark 40%.

Barossa Squash

Division 1 Round 3 played 26 August:

Good One 2-7-157 v Pawz 2-7-157 (V Trotta d T Talbot 3-0, T Waters lt G Ward 1-3, P Howe d D Preuss 3-1, S Victor lt C Zadow 0-3)

Half Baked 2-7-156 d Hobbits 2-6-154 (J Kennard lt P Thornton 0-3, D Maher d G Alderslade 3-0, J Nagel lt K Ward 1-3, D Pomeroy d B Conway 3-0)

Rose ‘N’ Thorn 4-12-203 d Egg Beaters 0-2-137 (M Rosiak d M Tully 3-0, R Fullgrabe d P Leadbeater 3-0, C Beer d N Ridley 3-0, R Dadds d S Rohrlach 3-2)

Division 2 Round 3 played 28 August:

Floppy Discs 3-9-193 d Ctrl-Alt-Del 1-6-171 (I Mason d G Nitschke 3-2, M Witcomb d S Cook 3-1, A Bryce lt J Nagel 0-3, D Fusco d S Barr 3-0)

Java 2-8-203 d Firefox 2-8-191 (J Milne lt R Lieschke 2-3, D Altus d D Molineux 3-0, A Pomeroy d T Kroehn 3-2, M Wells-Sidler lt J O’Callaghan 0-3)

Terabytes 4-12-211 d MSDOS 0-2-150 (A Cunningham d S O’Loughlin 3-2, A Grundel d A Smith 3-0, D Pomeroy d W Marschall 3-0, C Howe d T Wells-Sidler 3-0)

Trojans 3-9-182 d Googlers 1-6-174 (P Larsen d Q Burke 3-0, R Harbord d P Gerhardy 3-2, B Hughes d J Markey 3-1, C Hunt lt D Wisbey 0-3)

Premiership List

Division 1

Team Points

Half Baked 47

Good One 47

Rose ‘N’ Thorn 44

Pawz 41

Egg Beaters 31

Hobbits 22

Has Beans 20

Division 2

Team Points

Trojans 57

Java 44

Terabytes 43

Googlers 42

Ctrl-Alt-Del 37

Floppy Discs 35


Wifis 25

Firefox 23

Playford Invitational Night Tennis

The season is on the line for Nuriootpa this week when it plays Playford in Playford Invitational Night Tennis tomorrow night.

With Playford losing 0-5 to top team Mawson Lakes last week, Nuri moved nine points clear after holding on for an exciting 3-2 victory over The Grove.

Against The Grove, Dylan Sharman and Nathan Pope lost an exciting doubles 28-30, while Sharman won both his singles 30-17, and Pope recovered from a 26-30 loss in the first singles rubber to win a tight clash 30-27 to help Nuri to the victory.

“It felt like I was playing really good out there and everything seemed to work, and I was able to control a lot of the points and play on my terms,” Sharman said.

“Nathan was fine out there, as he played and beat Chris (Toft) and only just lost to Larry (Parikh). He had a slight injury but should be all good.

“As long as we win tomorrow against Playford we should be in a good position.”

Elizabeth beat Trinity 5-0 to put some pressure on third-placed Playford, which went down 0-5 to the undefeated Mawson Lakes.

Playford’s Ben Toor lost for the first time in singles this season, in both rubbers, which leaves Stephen Drury from the top side us the only undefeated singles player.

Games are played at the Bicentennial Courts, Elizabeth Vale, 7pm on Thursdays.

The two-person teams play two singles each and a double, with matches decided by the first to 30 points, with at least a two-point advantage.


Nuriootpa 3/144 d The Grove 2/121 (Dylan Sharman/Nathan Pope lost to Chris Toft/Larry Parikh 28-30; Sharman d Toft 30-17; Pope lost to Parikh 26-30; Sharman d Parikh 30-17; Pope d Toft 30-27).

Mawson Lakes 5/150 d Playford 0/104 (Stephen Drury/Shane Adams d Ben Toor/Matthew Faye 30-23; Drury d Toor 30-14; Adams d Faye 30-18; Drury d Faye 30-23; Adams d Toor 30-26).

Elizabeth 5/150 d Trinity 0/97 (Liz Pinnock/Luke Forgione d Saul Moore/Adam Stone 30-14; Pinnock d Moore 30-22; Forgione d Stone 30-18; Pinnock d Stone 30-22; Forgione d Moore 30-21).

Premiership table: Mawson Lakes 43, Nuriootpa 34, Playford 25, Elizabeth 19, The Grove 11, Trinity 2.

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Gawler South Soldier Memorial is holding his ground…for the present

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The Gawler South Soldier Memorial will remain in its current location, at least for the present.

On Monday night, a Development Assessment Panel meeting voted to reject an application by the Gawler Returned Services League to relocate the monument to Pioneer Park.

The issue has raised considerable debate in Gawler.

The Gawler RSL application was on the back of an 1800-signature petition .

Gawler resident Brian Thom, who is also the towns retiring deputy mayor, has been an advocate of the memorial remaining in its current location, and initiated a petition against the relocation, gaining 2195 signatures of support.

Wayne Clarke, spokesperson for the Gawler RSL, said his association would discuss the issue at a programmed quarterly general meeting on Friday.

“It will be up to the members to decide on any course of action,” Mr Clarke said.

The RSL has the right of appeal over the DAP decision to the Environmental Development Court.

Mr Clarke said it would be up to the members to make that decision.

Since the RSL has progressed the matter this far, and taken legal advice along the way, it would be a surprise if it didn’t follow the appeal process.

Mr Bruce Ballantyne, presiding chair of the DAP, said the panel members had visited both the proposed relocation site in Pioneer Park, and the current location before the meeting on Monday night.

“The panel heard from 19 people before adjourning to consider the application,” Mr Ballantyne said.

“The panel made a decision relating to heritage matters and felt there was a connection between the people of the area and the monument. There is wording on the statue which relates to volunteers from Gawler South and the Gawler Blocks which was what part of the area was called.”

Mr Thom said he was delighted with the unanimous response by the DAP members to reject the application.

“The decision was made on planning issues and not emotion, the way it should have been,”Mr Thom said.

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Methanol idea

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THE prospect of the sale of Gunns’ pulp mill licence has reared its ugly head again.

I offer a better and less divisive suggestion for the use of plantation timber, namely the building of a methanol (or wood alcohol) plant.

Methanol can be blended with petrol up to 10 per cent and used as a fuel in modern cars without ill effect.

Pure methanol can be used in fuel cells; such cells if used to replace the internal combustion engine in electric hybrid cars would produce totally environment-friendly vehicles.

Each state might use its own renewable carbon sources to produce methanol, e.g. Queensland – bamboo, spent sugar cane and woodchips; Tasmania – green waste (such as gorse) and woodchips.

Simple calculations show that each year the entire Tasmanian car fleet could be run on the methanol produced from 10 square kilometres of plantation timber.

Given that trees reach maturity in 20 years, an area of 200 square kilometres devoted, in perpetuity, to the right species of trees, could ultimately supply all our fuel needs.

— KEITH J. SYKES, Hadspen.

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News briefs: Paul Wade out to inspire

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Former Socceroos captain Paul Wade spoke to Aboriginal students at Westfields Sports High School about goal settingFORMER Socceroos captain Paul Wade visited Westfields Sports High School on Friday to discuss the importance of setting goals.

His Life is Reflected in Sport workshop for the school’s indigenous students focused on the challenges faced by young people today.

Mr Wade gave a motivational speech about his experience living with epilepsy, which required extensive brain surgery, and how he dealt with it.

He encouraged the students to establish their own goals. Mr Wade is pictured with students Maddison Doran and Mick Spencer.

Be cancer aware

South Western Sydney Local Health District’s cancer services experts are calling on men to become aware of prostate cancer screening, treatment and management options of the disease as part of International Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, which began on Monday. Radiation Oncologist Dr Mark Sidhom said about 150 new prostate cancer patients were treated every year at the Liverpool and Macarthur Cancer Therapy Centres.

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Push for high-density housing across Fairfield

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New dwellings: Fairfield councillor Lawrence White speaking with Fairfield mayor Frank Carbone about the rezoning of land across the Fairfield local government area. Picture: Simon BennettTRANSPORT and commercial corridors in the Fairfield local government area will be rezoned to high density residential to make way for new houses required by the state government.

The draft Sydney Metropolitan Strategy, released by the Department of Planning and Environment last year, identified Fairfield to be part of the south west growth area which requires 141,000 houses be built by 2031.

The draft West Central Sub Regional Strategy set dwelling targets for councils and required Fairfield to provide 24,000 new ones by 2031.

Out of this target, 80 per cent were to be provided in locations within 30 minutes — by public transport — of the strategic centres of Fairfield and Prairiewood.

In May 2008, a council committee agreed to prepare the Fairfield Residential Development Strategy East plan in two stages, with stage one focused on the eastern side of the city including Fairfield, Cabramatta, Canley Vale, Canley Heights, Fairfield Heights and Villawood.

Consultation with the public was completed in 2008, with the community supporting the rezoning of five different areas to high density.

These include land in the Fairfield and Fairfield Heights corridor between Polding and Churchill streets, the Fairfield and Canley Vale corridor located north of Coleraine Street, and land within Fairfield East north of Villawood Station.

Land situated north and south of Villawood Station will also be considered for R4 high density.

Councillor Lawrence White said he would be happy to get residents to complete a survey about the proposed sites.

“Fairfield and Villawood have families that have been living there for a long long time,” he said. “Their roots are here and they probably want to spend the rest of their lives in Fairfield, so it’s going to be very important as to how we will respond to the residents’ concerns.

“I hope the council will listen to the response of residents.”

Fairfield mayor Frank Carbone said the council would speak to residents about the sites.

“It’s in the transport hubs and we’re sending the residents, and adjoining residents, a survey,” he said. “We will also have further consultations with them, showing the state government how it’s done.”

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Nursing courses

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UNIVERSITY open day timing (August 31) is interesting because on August 30 ABC TV announced that universities may shed nursing courses.

Given the vice-chancellor of ANU prefigured just this recently in a National Press Club address, it is no surprise.

He indicated that ordinary courses will increasingly continue to subsidise research activities that are of higher profile.

Does that mean that nursing subjects will all be online only, sacrificing expensive face-to-face teaching?

If so, the “glass ceiling” has just fallen in.

Nursing is still predominated by women and as such are an easy target.

This was expressed starkly when the previous state government slashed all nurses on fixed contracts to assist a budget problem.

In doing so, they eliminated a generation of young well-trained staff.

The late visionary matrons of the Launceston General Hospital and the Royal Hobart Hospital would no doubt be livid with fury.

The recognition of nursing as a profession has now been revisited and is still really only a future aspiration it seems.

That medicine will come to the defence of nursing is a faint hope indeed as their status is secure.

— TIMOTHY HAAS, Riverside.

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Angelina Jolie’s wedding dress revealed

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have released the first images of their private wedding ceremony. Photo: Getty ImagesAfter marrying in secret late last month, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have finally released the photos – including images of Jolie’s custom-designed wedding dress.

The veil and ivory dress has a classic look from the front, but the back view shows the extent of creative licence Jolie gave her six children in the design.

Both the veil and the dress were covered in colourful drawings done by the couple’s children, as revealed in photographs obtained by People and Hello magazines.

Atelier Versace designer Luigi Massi embroidered all the children’s designs into the dress and veil, making one memorable wedding dress.

“Luigi is like family to me and I couldn’t imagine anyone else making this dress,” Jolie told People.

“He knows and cares for the children and it was great fun putting it together.”

The ceremony was held in the chapel of their French castle and vineyard estate Chateau Miraval, near Correns in the south of France.

The couple’s children helped organise the intimate affair, which was attended by only 20 close family and friends on August 23.

The first photographs of Jolie’s dress. Photo: People Magazine

50-year-old Pitt and 39-year-old Jolie told People they wanted a “fun and relaxed” wedding.

“It was important to us that the day was relaxed and full of laughter,” Pitt told the magazine.

“It was such a special day to share with our children and a very happy time for our family.”

Their eldest sons 13-year-old Maddox and 10-year-old Pax walked their mother down the aisle, and Pax also baked the wedding cake.

Zahara, nine, and Vivienne, six, were the two flower girls, and eight-year-old Shiloh and six-year-old Knox were the ring bearers.

Apart from the bespoke gown, the wedding was a fairly relaxed affair.

Pitt wore a suit he already owned, and Vivienne also wore a dress from her wardrobe.

The couple’s other children all wore black suits, and the flower girls used flowers from the estate’s garden.

The wedding bands were designed by Robert Procop, the jeweller who also designed Jolie’s engagement ring.

The view of back of the dress, covered in drawings done by her children. Photo: Hello! Magazine

The pair originally met on the set of their movie Mr and Mrs Smith, and Pitt proposed in 2012.

At the time, he told E! News it was the children who really wanted the couple to get married.

“We’re getting a lot of pressure from the kids,” he toldE! Newsat the time. “We didn’t realise how much it meant to them and then, in getting engaged, how much it also means to us.”

Jolie also told Good Morning America this year it was really important that the couple’s children enjoyed themselves at the wedding.

“We talk to the kids about it once in a while,” said Jolie.

“You know, I think the important thing is that whatever we do, it’s that the kids do have a great time, and we all…take seriously the love, and the connection between all of us. But also just get silly and do something memorable.”

It’s Pitt’s second marriage (he was married to Jennifer Aniston for five years) and Jolie’s third.

The Malificent actress was first married to Jonny Lee Miller, and then Billy Bob Thornton.

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